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Boardroom Advisors is a team of people working hard to help Scale-ups and SMEs succeed. We want our Regional Directors and Advisors not just to love their work, but to achieve the life/work balance they’ve always wanted.

Regional Directors

If you are an experienced business person who has run their own company and have experience of being a Board Advisor or Non-Executive Director then we want to talk to you. There is no entry or joining fee to this opportunity – this is not a franchise but an associate business model.

Regional Directors get the opportunity to run their own large region as an Associate, building their team of Advisors, potential partners, introducers and clients. You must have experience of running your own business and also ideally some advisory or NED roles. You will have a lot of energy and ideas, but ability in business development and sales is absolutely critical. You do not have to do this full time, but a majority of your time is needed. In return, you get to help build a business and to share in its future as the plan is for the business to be owned by the senior people in the company in a 5-7 year period, probably as an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).

Founder and Chief Executive John Courtney welcomes Regional Director Simon Dodd

You operate as an Associate, running your own business. The role is a mix of strategy and management, networking, business development, sales, recruitment, team management, customer service – in fact everything about running your own business – but you must be able to sell.

We we are looking for more Regional Directors in several areas of the UK but especially Thames Valley, London and South East.  If this sounds like a good fit for you, please send an emal with a link to your LinkedIn profile to our Founder and Chief Executive, John Courtney at [email protected] putting Regional Director  Application in the subject.


We are also looking for “real world” Board Advisors, NED and Mentors throughout the UK. You must have founded, run, grown and exited businesses so have the sort of battle scars that ambitious companies need in order to help scale up. If this sounds like a good fit for you, please send an emal with a link to your LinkedIn profile to our Founder and Chief Executive, John Courtney at [email protected] putting Board Advisor Application in the subject.

Culture at Boardroom Advisors

We have all been Non-Executive Directors, Board Advisors, and Chairs for a number of businesses.

We provide trusted advisory services to help SMEs, startups and scale-ups become more productive and profitable.

We love to see our hard work turn into our clients’ success.

We craft powerful strategies, encourage positive working experiences, and avoid bureaucracy whenever we can.

We live our lives based on what we as individuals want – not what works for someone else.

Values at Boardroom Advisors

We are always impartial.

We are “critical friends” to our clients – and we will always be honest.

We think of new capabilities and new ways to work.

We are always working in our clients’ best interest.

We get things done.

We always go the extra mile.

We care about our clients – and we work hard to ensure their success.

Boardroom Advisors’ Vision:

We surround ourselves with talented, like-minded individuals.

We want to change the SME, startup and scale-up landscape for the better.

We give our clients a top tier Board Advisor at a rate that they can afford, low risk solutions, and flexible services tailored to their individual needs.

We’re committed to building lasting relationships.

We provide impartial, practical, relevant advice from an independent, experienced perspective that provides leadership.

We support our clients’ visions and growth plans and help them make smart strategic decisions.


If this sounds like a good fit for you, please contact us and schedule an informal conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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