Looking to Hire a Growth Advisor for Your Scale-Up or SME? Get a Free In-Depth 2 Hour Face-to-Face Strategy Health Check

The Health Check is a free 2 hour face-to-face session for SMEs and scale-ups where one of our experienced team of Growth Advisors would meet with you to discuss the challenges your business is facing. We use our unique 16 box architecture to review every major area of your business to include your current and future requirements in the Boardroom.

Business Advisor Team at Boardroom Advisors
Some of the Growth Advisors at Boardroom Advisors


Which challenge are you facing? Our most common 4 are:

Challenge 1: Strategic Direction

Strategic direction consists of determining the core processes and values that position you to succeed – your mission, vision, daily operations, how you bring your team into alignment, and what you do to generate positive morale.

  • Do you discuss Strategic Direction with your Directors?
  • How do you analyse Strategic Direction?
  • Does an NED or Advisor help with strategy planning?
  • Do you use tools such as SWOT and MOST?

Challenge 2: Growth

Without strong growth strategy, focus, and relevance, many businesses fail to achieve their growth objectives, fulfil their full potential, diversify into fields and industries where they lack strengths, or don’t address their core competencies, which may change, as they grow.

  • Do you discuss Business Growth & Marketing at Board level?
  • Who is responsible for Growth? Director level?
  • How do you analyse Growth?
  • Do you have help with Growth?

Challenge 3: Funding

Before you go looking for investors to fund your business, there are several other things you need to do. You don’t just need to know how much money you need – you need to truly know the ins and outs of your business, as well as precisely what your business needs.

  • Why do you need funding?
  • Discover the primary sources of funding for SMEs and their benefits and drawbacks
  • Learn about funding options that are available in days or weeks – not months or years
  • Find an independent specialist to help you improve your pitch and position yourself to succeed

Challenge 4: Exit

Most business owners are so caught up in the day to day tasks of operating their business that they rarely stop to consider their exit strategy. The businesses that sell for the most money have prepared for exit. Find out what you should be doing when even if you don’t envision selling your business any time soon.

  • Why do you need an exit plan?
  • Who is responsible for the exit planning process? Experience?
  • Do you have help with exit planning?

Would your business benefit from talking to an experienced Growth Advisor?

Boardroom Advisors are real-world advisors. They are people who have had their own companies, made mistakes, learned from them, and built many successful businesses.

Most have grey hairs.  Some have none. What they all have is experience.

A Growth Advisor will call you to discuss your suitability for a free Strategy Health Check to review your challenges. 

Worried about making that call? Think you’re going to be chased over and over to the point of distraction until you cave in and buy something?

Don’t be.

Even if you feel this might not be the right time for you just now why not fill out the form and we will call you for have an initial chat.

After that if it feels like a free health check session would be useful then we’ll meet up so you can see if we are a good fit – or not. Your choice.

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